Observing the Interweb: Wrestling With an Angel, Ministry Fakers, Ministry Beards, First World Problems, and The Gospel in 1 – 2 – & – 5 minutes

Wrestling with an Angel – This is a moving post about an unusual fist fight. Very much worth reading. And for a a more substantial read, you should absolutely read this book that shares more than the title of the post.

The Dangers of Faking it in Ministry – Kathy Keller, wife of noted pastor Timothy Keller, offers some insights into the dangers that ministers face in their walk with God:

The day will come when you have to deliver a sermon, or counsel someone in need, or listen to a heartsick soul, and you will be in no fit condition to do it. Your prayer life may be lagging, or you have an unreconciled relationship that needs attention, or any number of things may have interrupted your communion with God and your rejoicing in the gospel. When that day arrives, you must sit down, at whatever expense of time and ruination to your schedule, and get right with God. Then, and only then, should you attempt to minister in his name.

The Beards of Ministry – Some blogs are informative, some are interesting, and some are absolutely inspirational. This post is the definition of the latter:

Growing a beard is habit most natural, scriptural, manly and beneficial.

First World Problems:


The Gospel in 1 minute:

The Gospel in 2 minutes:

The Gospel in 5 minutes:

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