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The Day of Peace in the Hands of the Lord

Whenever international tragedy strikes, the discussion of world peace reignites. Each person espouses their own vision of peace, which collides, sometimes violently, with the ideals of their friends and neighbors. More gun control. Less gun control. Better school systems. Stronger … Continue reading

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Mealtime Grace

Tim Chester has some helpful words about the value of “saying grace” during meals together: We need to rediscover the rhythm of “saying grace” before meals. Perhaps some of us need to discover this for the first time: others may … Continue reading

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Jesus’s Mission Strategy

Tim Chester on the mission strategy of Jesus: If I pull down books on mission and church planting from my shelves, I can read about contextualization, evangelism matrices, postmodern apologetics, and cultural hermeneutics. I can look at diagrams that tell … Continue reading

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Observing the Interweb: Santa Edition

Christmas is fast approaching, and in light of this, I thought I’d share some interweb observations about everyone’s favorite jolly fat guy: The Speed Santa Must Travel – This one’s for you physics nerds to poke holes in if you … Continue reading

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