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Math Killed My Blog

One of you may be asking yourself: “Where has Chris’s blog been?” That, my friend, is a fair question. At the beginning of this year, a short two months ago, I made the bold assertion that I would once again … Continue reading

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A Girl Named Lydia

I realize that I’m behind a few days in my blogging through the Bible. Over the next week I’ll be catching up and putting out my review for Saving Mr. Banks… and maybe one for Frozen just because. This blog … Continue reading

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What Will Your Children Remember About You?

This is a quote from D. A. Carson’s book about his father entitled, “Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor”, and it is something to which every parent should aspire: As I look back on life with mom and dad, perhaps the … Continue reading

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Purposeful Parenting

A quote by Dr. Paul Tripp: Many parents are more intentional, better researched, and more goal oriented when planning their vacations than they are in raising their children. Ouch… I feel the truth of this statement even with my very … Continue reading

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Our Miracle Birth

If you’ve spoken to me since the birth of my daughter Tirzah, you have no doubt heard the story of my wife’s speedy labor (5 hours, start to finish) and smooth (but by no means painless) delivery. It was especially … Continue reading

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You Named Her What?

My daughter is 4 days old on the dot as I write this, and she is adorable. Her name is Tirzah. To say that her name is unusual is a bit of an understatement. For one thing, my computer doesn’t … Continue reading

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