Happy New (Blog) Year!

Well, 2013 will not go down as ‘the year of the blog” in the story of my life.

With all that happened over the last 12 months – losing my job, discovering I’m going to be a father for the fourth time, going back to college, storyboarding for an awesome new upcoming film, searching for a new church, exploring new career options, and more – blogging (and social media in general) just didn’t seem all that important.

But with the new year comes a renewed desire to get back into the blogosphere (if anyone even uses that word anymore), and I’ve decided to go big or go home.

I’ll be on every day.
rain or shine.
in sickness and in health.
’til death do us part.
and all the rest.

The tent post series of the blog this year will be a new round of daily devotions. I’m using the Bible Eaters reading plan for my daily dose of Scripture and I’ll be writing out my devotional thoughts here (that means I’ve got one coming for today). It’s a flexible plan built to help readers understand the overarching story of the gospel in Scripture. If you haven’t picked a reading plan this year, join me in feasting on the word.

Beyond this, I’m expanding my Lessons from the Tri, because I’ve expanded the races and rides that I do. I’ve been placing in 10k’s recently, got two half marathons in the bag, another in April, the Tour de Cure in May, a Spartan Race in June, and a marathon that I have yet to enter, along with at least one or two more triathlons.

I’ll also have more book, movie, and music reviews for 2014, Observing the Interweb, hopefully some very manly posts, and writings on whatever else I find inspiring.

I hope you’ll join me! I always appreciate comments and feedback. And I look forward to an exciting New Year.

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