Observing the Interweb: Old Testament Heaven?, Good News for Gay People?, and the Impact of Louie Giglio not Praying

The Afterlife of Old Testament Saints – Michael Patton over at Credo house ministries offers a post regarding the views of heaven held by Old Testament saints (David, Abraham, etc.) Whether or not you agree with his final take on things, this issue is worth reading, pondering, and praying over.

Good News For Gay People – What is good about the Gospel now for those who are homosexual? This article seeks to answer that question honesty and a gracious spirit:

Whatever is given up Jesus replaces, in godly kind and greater measure

Speaking of issues revolving around homosexuality, the past week has been filled with chatter about Louie Giglio. He was first invited to pray at President Obama’s inauguration. Then he bowed out (i.e. was politely disinvited) due to his Biblically orthodox view on homosexuality. Then the Christian blogosphere went crazy. You can read about it here, here, and here at least.

And here is one more post on the issue hoping to summarize some of the varying viewpoints in the Christian world.

Regardless of whether this marks a new era in the decline of Religious freedom in America simply becomes another example of American Christian’s particular brand of persecution, it compels us to remember that we are citizens of a different Kingdom, whose King is perfect in love and holiness and whose rule and reign far exceeds all earthly authority.

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