Mealtime Grace

Tim Chester has some helpful words about the value of “saying grace” during meals together:

We need to rediscover the rhythm of “saying grace” before meals. Perhaps some of us need to discover this for the first time: others may need to refresh what has become a stale habit. What do we express when we say grace?

* Our daily dependence on God as creatures and sinners.
* Our dependence on others as we give thanks for those who grew, processed, bought, and cooked our food.
* The goodness of food, thereby transforming our food from fuel to a gift to be relished.
* Our gratitude to God, thereby reorienting ourselves away from self and back to God.
* Our gratitude for community as we ask God’s blessing on our fellowship over the meal.

How important is it to be reminded of these wonderful truths. What a difference they make to our enjoyment of God and food and each other. If only we had three opportunities each day to remember and enact these truths!

A Meal With Jesus pg. 73

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