Observing the Interweb: The 10 Commandments of Flying, Church Advice, Axehead Clothing, Time wasting and more…

The 10 Commandments of Flying – Humorously packaged, practical advice on how one should act on an airplane. Frequent travelers should especially enjoy this.

Church Advice – Kevin Deyoung with some life-changingly important advice for people new to “churchy” things. As a church kid myself, I was greatly amused.

Axehead Clothing – my friend and fellow church member, Scott Tinloy, an Oakland firefighter, runs a small clothing company in his spare time. Great looking stuff, and a great way to support your local firehouse.

Wasting Time? – Wow, everyone who works at a desk all day should check this out.

Advice for college students 5 things College students should know as they begin their careers with 5 more to follow. plus one from John Piper: “Don’t choose classes, choose teachers.” Wish I’d known that one 10 years ago.

So Sick!

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