Observing the Interweb: Worship Leader Prayers, Gospel or Spirit?, Eric Liddel, How to Win Well, …

What Do Worship Leaders Pray About – For anyone who leads worship at church, or anyone who wants to know how to serve your worship leader in prayer, this post highlights some of the most important prayers that worship leaders need.

The Gospel or the Spirit – The Gospel is a word that we Christians love to use. Sometimes we use it too much, especially when using it minimizes the work of the Holy Spirit. Trevin Wax gives some helpful thoughts on this.

Lessons from Eric Liddel – With the summer Olympics closed for the next 4 years, here are some thoughts on what we can learn from Eric Liddel about what truly matters.

How to Win Well – More on the Olympics from Desiring God:

Pride is an ugly thing whenever it shows itself. It tinges the cuteness of the smallest toddler declaring their independence and self-centeredness with screams too young for words. It stains the honor of the elderly grandfather losing control of his temper and tongue. And it rears its head on the field of athletic competition time and time again.

Advise to Associate Ministers – As an Associate Minister, this was helpful for me. Hopefully, it will be helpful to anyone who’s church has an associate minister.

One of my favorite songs right now:

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