Off to Africa

This afternoon, my senior pastor and I are heading off to Africa. We’ll be spending the first several days of our trip in Ndola, Zambia, fellowshipping with brothers and sisters from around the world at a conference put on by Hands at Work, our ministry partners in Africa.

After the conference, we’re heading to Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Our church is just beginning to partner with Hands in Malawi, so we’ll be spending our team getting to know the Hands staff, the villages in which they work, and the people of Malawi. This is an important trip for the future of our church’s involvement in world missions and your prayers are much appreciated.

Pray that God would open doors for us in ministry to the people of Malawi.
Pray that God would use us to bring the Gospel into the lives of people who have never heard the good news.
Pray that this trip would increase our partnership with Hands at Work.
Pray that God would use this trip to ignite a passion for reaching people with the Gospel both globally and locally.

Also, please pray that my new baby would wait until after May 5 to be born. I’d like to not miss that.

See you all when we return.

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