Observing The Interweb: Jailed for Baptizing, Youth Ministry, Rock Star Worship Leaders, and more…

Jailed for Baptizing – This is only a glimpse at the type of persecution that is possible in a country opposed to the Gospel:

A Shelby County mother faces contempt-of-court charges and possible jail time for baptizing her two children without the knowledge or consent of her ex-husband.

History of Youth Ministry – The first of several posts from the Gospel Coalition about Youth Ministry in today’s culture. It’s all leading up to a theological conference for youth ministry.

A Nation at War

Americans shouldn’t forget that “we are a nation at war,” said the brother of one of three Ohio soldiers killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

Thus begins an article on the reality that we find ourselves in as Americans. But of course, it is just a shadow of the deeper reality that we are a world at war. John Piper’s charge to live a war-time lifestyle are more true than ever.

Rock Star Worship Leaders – I spent many years desiring to be a rock start while leading worship at my church’s youth group. I wish I had this article 10 years ago.

Winning Isn’t Fair – Every parent, coach, teacher, sunday school helper, youth pastor, and student should read this post:

Sometime over the past few decades a mindset of “fair” has developed, calling for everyone to finish in the exact same place and receive the exact same reward. Fair has become equity in the finish instead of equity in the process. This perspective says a reward is due just for showing up, not because it’s earned. It cheapens real rewards for actual successes, and as it creeps into different areas of life, it undermines valuable assets such as hard work or giftedness.

Finally, the sweetest old couple in the world shares their secret to marital happiness:

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