Observing the Interweb: Marriage Advice, Blue Like Jazz: The Movie, Encyclopedia Brittanica, and more…

Oldest Living Couple’s Advice on Marriage This is worth reading. The oldest living couple shares their secrets on a happy marriage, and no surprise, Jesus is involved.

Blue Like The Movie – Donald Miller’s massive best-selling book, Blue Like Jazz, now comes with %100 less reading, thanks to a movie that is sure to be as polarizing as the book (which I have never read, and therefor will not pass judgement upon.) Sojourn’s Mike Cosper reviews the movie over at the Gospel Coalition blog.

Piper, Keller, Race – John Piper and Tim Keller will sit down and discuss race and the Christian life in New York on March 28th and we are all invited to watch the live stream. If you’re available at 7pm that evening, it will surely be worth watching.

Singing Dad’s = singing kids – Every Christian Father needs to read, download, print, copy and memorize this post. Or at least read it and apply it. Dad’s need to learn to sing to Jesus. Period.

Encyclopedia Brittanica – Here’s an article chronicling the sad demise of the greatest encylopedia set in the history of existence (overstatement) – the Encyclopedia Brittanica. And in honor of their historic run, here’s a commercial I saw when I was 9. I thought it was cool, and it made me want a set of my own:

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