Observing the Interweb: Missions, Manhood, Ministry Burnout, and More Reason to Respect Tim Tebow…

Loving Your City – This is a convicting and encouraging post from the guys over at the Resurgence blog. There are many ways that we as the church can reach our cities and neighborhoods for the glory of God, and they give some great practical suggestions for doing just that.

Joshua Project – If you haven’t heard of Joshua Project, you should absolutely check them out. There is no other organization that I know of that is doing what they are doing. They provide a comprehensive, global perspective on the state of the thousands of unreached people groups of the world. They are concerned about the great commission on the global scale, and we should be too.

Desiring God Conference for Pastors – There are few conferences that I have looked forward to more than this one, the 2012 Desiring God Conference for Pastors: God, Manhood, and Ministry: Building Men for the Body of Christ. I can’t wait to listen to the audio from this conference. And men, I suggest you check it out.

Burning Out? – We talk a lot about ministry burn out in the church and this post tackles the issue well. If you’re struggling with burn out or counseling someone who is, you should check this out.

Tim Tebow cancels an appearance to speak at a prominent prosperity gospel preacher’s event and Joe Carter at the Gospel Coalition tells us why it matters.

Green or Greed? I found this article to be thoroughly interesting. It reminds me of the movie Wall-E. We make everything more efficient in an attempt to be green, but we end up with the same problem: we’re still addicted to consuming. Here’s a quote:

We may believe that we care about the world’s deepening environmental challenges and are merely waiting for scientists, environmentalists, politicians and others to come to their senses and implement effective solutions. But we already know more than enough, and we have for a long time. We just don’t like the answers.

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