Observing the Interweb: Real Marriage, Race Issues, the Super Bowl and more

Real Marriage – In a CNN article, Pastor Mark Driscoll responds to the criticism of his book Real Marriage. Let’s pray that this helpful post will turn more people on to the beauty of a God glorifying marriage, and more importantly, would the book lead them to discover the infinite beauty of the great Bridegroom who laid down His life for His Bride.

Are Proverbs Promises? – I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on God’s promises in Scripture and this post from the guys at Desiring God ministries offer a helpful check and balance on how to read the proverbs without falling into the trap of prosperity theology or disappointments in parenting.

It Don’t Matter if You’re Black or White? – There are few national pastors that I respect more than Thabiti Anyabwile. I especially appreciate his perspective on race and ethnic issues. Here he explains what makes someone “black” or “white” and whether labels like that really matter.

The Most Important Article about the 2012 SuperBowl – I had a lighthearted Superbowl post ready to go but after reading this one by Justin Holcomb of Mars Hill Church I decided it was infinitely more important. This is an eye-opening look into the evil underbelly of the Superbowl, a world fueled by sex-trafficking and underage prostitution. This is a hard read, but it’s incredibly important.

No “Buts” about it – This is a great reminder for parents of the impact that small words like “but” and “so” have in our parenting. Grammar has Gospel importance in the young lives of children. This is a good one.

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