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Worst Passwords – I was glad to find that none of my passwords made this list. But maybe now that they list is out, these will become the safest passwords around. Who knows?

The Phone Stack – Ever been tempted to check your phone mid-conversation with someone? Ever done it? Ever been annoyed at someone for doing it even though you’ve done it plenty of times? Here’s a game for you to play the next time you’re out with friends. Be careful, it may cost you!

9 Keys to Reaching College Students – A great post on the ways that Churches and College groups should be thinking through reaching College students.

The Grace of God in Scripture – Here is a great post on the way that God shows grace uniquely in each book of the Bible. Bookmark this one for sure.

We are the 144,000 – Not as catchy as “we are the 99” I know, but it is the way that Pastor and Author Kevin Deyoung interprets the 144,000 in Revelation. I’m glad someone smarter than me has written such a Bible centered, easily readable explanation.

Revising Hymn Lyrics – Kristen and Bobby Giles from Sojourn Church explain the balance between making hymn lyrics relevant today and preserving the original feel and intent of the hymns. They are well-equipped for this, having contributed to both Over the Grave and The Water and the Blood.

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