God at a Distance

Another great quote from Paul Miller’s, A Praying Life:

We don’t like God too close, especially if God is a deity we can’t control. We have a primal fear of walking with God in the garden, naked, without clothing. We desperately want intimacy, but when it comes, we pull back, fearful of a God who is too personal, too pure. We’re much more comfortable with God at a distance.

Miller, Paul (2009-05-15). A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World (Kindle Locations 1550-1553). NavPress. Kindle Edition.

Can you relate to this quote?

I can.

It gets at the heart of why many people like to think about God as being either personal or all-powerful, but not both. That kind of a God is scary. That kind of God is not content with shallow prayers offered out of compulsion. He’s not afraid to tear away at our lives until our core is exposed. He patiently puts up with our attempts to hide ourselves among the fig leaves and then reminds us that He has covered our shame with the blood of His Son. He is already intimately acquainted with us.

The question is: Do we really want to be intimately acquainted with Him?

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