Observing the Interweb

Friendgirl – Single guys, if you don’t know what a Friendgirl is, you need to read this article. You probably have one, and you probably have some work to do for the sake of her soul.

Haiti, 2 years later – A sobering look at the long road still ahead for Haiti as their painfully slow recovery continues.

Movies or Jesus. John Piper cuts right to my heart in this post about Christians who seem to love movies more than Jesus.

Religion or Jesus – For those of you who’ve seen the latest viral video, Jared Wilson offers a helpful critique, reminding us that Jesus was a religious person, and that’s not a bad thing.

Tim Tebow’s Role Model – This article is a great reminder of what are the most important things in life. Football is not one of those things.

Knowing God free! – One of the greatest and most influential books of the last century is free in audio form at Christian Audio. J.I. Packer’s knowing God is one of the few books that are truly worth reading again and again, and now, you can listen to it for free. Win – Win.

I’ve posted this video before, but this week, our home group read Grudem’s chapter on the Atonement in Systematic Theology (Yes, you read that right. Our home group is reading Systematic Theology… It’s an investment). This is one of the clearest and most God glorifying explanations that I’ve heard.

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  1. Victory says:

    Thanks for sharing the ‘friendgirl’ post. One of the most helpful write-ups on this subject I’ve ever read.

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