Observing the Interweb

My hope with this weekly series is simply to let you in on a few things from around the internet that I think are worth checking out. Some will be funny. Some will be serious. Others informative. But they all have one thing in common: I saw them and I’m now sharing them with you.

Noise Trade – I’ve been enjoying Noise Trade for a few years now, but just happened to rediscover them this week. Noise trade is a free music sharing site. But unlike the music sharing sites of the past, Noise Trade is artists sharing their music with the world. All they ask is that you share their music with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. They also have a place to “tip” the artists, if you are so inclined. It’s free music. Why wouldn’t you check it out?

Real Marriage – This is the Gospel Coalition’s official review of the Driscoll’s (Mark and his wife Grace) new book on marriage. Here’s a quote from the review:

With Driscoll, readers have come to expect controversy. And Real Marriage is sure to be his most controversial book yet—but not for the reasons you might think.

Apple and the EPL – The newest game changing news from Apple. They’re looking to buy programming rights for the English Premier Soccer League. This may be the first real dent in the strangle hold that Cable and Satellite T.V. have on sports broadcasting.

The Gathering Conference – Sovereign Grace’s newest album is called The Gathering. In a few weeks, Sovereign Grace OC will be putting on a conference centered around the album’s theme: the way the Gospel shapes our gathering. If you’re in Southern California at the end of January, you should consider attending.

The Story of God – In our Youth Group, we’re going through the Bible, looking at the grand story that God is telling of reconciling the world to Himself through Jesus. This resource from Soma Communities in Washington has been a big help to me in understanding God’s story and why it matters.

Lastly, I thought this was pretty funny:

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