Revelation 12-18: A Call for Endurance and Faith

The book of revelation contains the most difficult and confusing imagery in the Bible. Throughout the centuries, theologians have tried to make sense of the book but the presence of so much symbolism has produced a vast array of interpretations, even among the most conservative scholars.

But there is one thing that we can know for sure about the imagery in Revelation: There is a spiritual battle taking place, and that battle continues to influence the physical world. We know who wins this battle, but we also know that we live in very dangerous times.

There is one sentence in today’s reading that caught my attention. In the midst of descriptions of beasts and scrolls, seals and trumpets, we read these words:

Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.

hard times are coming, and they are here now. But the people of God must persevere in faith. We cannot afford to become complacent or to give up hope for the future glory in Christ. We must endure. This call serves as a reminder for us that what remains certain during the uncertainty surrounding the end times is that Jesus wins, and so does everyone who follows Him.

So endure. In the midst of life’s difficulties, press on in faith. Regardless of what you believe about end times, the call is the same.

Keep the faith.
Fight the fight.
Do not lose heart.
For the future is secure in Christ, and it is infinitely glorious.

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