Revelation 7-11: Salvation Belongs to Our God

I love this verse from Revelation 7:

“Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!”

It’s something worth meditating on. Salvation belongs to our God. What does it mean for something to belong to someone?

It means they own it.
It means that it is their possession.
It means that only they can give it.
It means that no one else can claim it.

Salvation belongs to our God. He owns it. It is His. He alone gives it. And there is no other way by which anyone can be saved. Salvation is bound up in the very name of Christ. Anyone who believes is the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be saved. Salvation is part of God’s very nature. It is part of His identity. He is the God who saves.

So why do we turn toward other things? Why are we often convinced that salvation is possible through other means?

It belongs to God. We cannot get it anywhere else.

This verse, verse 10 of chapter 7, by the way, causes me to look to God with greater dependence and desperation. Salvation belongs to Him, and if I want salvation, then I need to go to Him.

But the best part is that He does not hold salvation tightly. He does not store it up and sell it at a premium. He paid the premium in blood and gives salvation freely to all who seek it from Him. So seek it. For He lokes to save. It is who He is. The God who saves.

Salvation Belongs to Our God.

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