Mark 13: Who Will Be Saved?

This is a big question. One of the biggest. And as far as eternity is concerned, it’s the most life changing question we can ask.

Who will be saved?

Thankfully, we are not without an answer to this question, though many choose to ignore it.

In Mark 13, Jesus explains to his disciples that the end will come with signs and great suffering. Nation will rise against nation, brother against brother, and all the earth will come under judgement. But then in verse 13, Jesus says:

But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

What does this mean?

It means that the one who, in the midst of all that they may encounter, continues to endure under the power of God. The one who will be saved is the one who continues to trust in the Lord for salvation. This is good news for, it means that God saves us by His power when we leave our lives in His hands. Jesus doesn’t say that we are to work hard to save ourselves. He says, endure to the end, meaning, continue to trust in the Lord no matter what comes, and God will save you.

He will do it. He WILL. That’s a promise.

Endure to the end and God WILL save you from death, and bring you into His perfect presence forever. I believe this promise with all my heart because God’s promises never fail.

So continue to endure, for you will be saved!

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