Stay Away From Jesus

Matt Papa’s Album This Changes Everything is quickly becoming my favorite of the year. His thoughtful lyrical sensibilities and musical arrangements, coupled with an unwavering commitment to the glory if the Gospel is refreshing and convicting. I briefly reviewed the album here.

Enter the song “Stay Away From Jesus”, a call to serious discipleship. The title is intentionally provocative and will undoubtedly turn some off to the song altogether. The opening line of the song tells the listener exactly where the song is going:

You won’t ever hear this song on Christian radio, cause the Jesus that I serve is not safe…

And the rest of the song is a call to come to Jesus and follow with your whole life, understanding that there is no middle ground in this call. We give everything for Him or nothing. It’s a message I need to hear. Maybe you do as well. If you do, or if you simply want to hear what I’m talking about, you can here:

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