Jeremiah 46-48: The Mysterious and Wondrous Grace of God

For the entirety of Jeremiah 48, God speaks harsh words of judgment against the people of Moab. If you know anything about Moab, you know that they have never been a favorite of the Lord (if He indeed played favorites). They have been in constant rebellion against God for their entire existence and have never shown, as a nation, any desire to turn toward Him in faith.

So as you might expect, God’s words toward them are not those of a gentle, loving Father, but of a strong and powerful King, ready to destroy His rebellious subjects.

However, if there is a place in Scripture where God’s mysterious and outrageous mercy is shown, it is in verse 47 of Jeremiah chapter 48. In it God says:

Yet I will restore the fortunes of Moab
in the latter days, declares the Lord.”
Thus far is the judgment on Moab.

Despite all their active and consistent rebellion against Him, God still has a plan for Moab that involves their restoration! He is still working in their midst. He is still desirous of their salvation and inclusion in His kingdom! How gracious is our God!

He takes those who have been in rebellion against Him for a thousand years – a thousand years! – and still has grace to restore them and redeem them.

This should bring us great hope. For we have been in rebellion as well, but God’s promise of grace is for any and all those who turn toward Him in faith. Whoever believes in Christ will be saved. That’s not a statement of possibility, it’s a statement of fact. God will save those who trust in Christ. He sent His Son to the cross so that rebels like me and Moab, who turn from sin and toward the Lord, will be saved from our fate of eternal death and brought into the kingdom of eternal life!

Rejoice in the mysterious and wondrous grace of God!

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