(Secret) New Music: Shane and Shane and Phil

I thought that July was the month for music, but so far, the first week of August has been rich in solid new Christian albums. First, there was Matt Papa’s new album, which I reviewed here. THat would have been a good enough week, as I have listened to This Changes Everything several times already. But then, out of nowhere, Phil Wickham and Shane and Shane both put out their new albums in prerelease form.

Phil’s new album is called Response, and it’s a great follow-up to his powerful Heaven and Earth album from last year. Response is filled with all the familiar sounds we love from Phil, great vocals, upbeat tones, lots of layers and unique arrangements, and it does all of this without sounding like his previous outings. And, while not always strong on theological precision, Phil brings a freshness to the overcrowded contemporary worship music pool and delivers a solid, well put-together album. Songs of note are “One God” and “God of Our Salvation”, along with a cover one of Tim Hughes stronger new tracks “At Your Name.”

As for the Shanes, it’s no secret that they’re my favorite. I don’t think there is any one producing music like them. Shane and Shane walk the line between musical creativity, theological precision, production values, lyrical thoughtfulness, and vocal prowess better than most. And their new album, The One You Need is a great example of that. The opening track, “Liberty”, is immediately recognizable as a stretch in musical diversity for the Shanes and the album doesn’t stop there. One of the most encouraging and endearing things about these guys is that they really love their Bibles. They love writing from the word and they do it well. “Liberty” is a combination of 2 Corinthians 3 and Galatians 5 and “Without YOu” echos Moses’s words to the Lord in Exodus 33:15: If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here. The title track is a song written to one of their daughters as a plea to trust in Jesus as “The Only One You Need.” It’s a departure from their more recent songwriting style, but if you have been listening to the Shanes for a while, it will bring you back Barnard’s solo album, Rocks Won’t Cry.

All that to say, get both albums, you wont be disappointed. And you can watch the video for “The One You Need” here.

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2 Responses to (Secret) New Music: Shane and Shane and Phil

  1. Mary Smith says:

    I read your blog on Phil Wickham’s new presale release – Response. I’m curious as to what you were referring to when you wrote ‘while not always strong on theological precision…’. Also, to avoid any confusion…you (and anyone else) should know that the song ‘At Your Name’ was a co-write by Phil and Tim. That is, they wrote it together while Phil was in the UK last year…or earlier this year…or whenever it was. So…I don’t think you can say that Phil did a cover of Tim’s song.

  2. Carrie Jane says:

    I would def. recommend Shane & Shanes new album. Buy the download instantly. I bought it 2 weeks ago, and haven’t stopped listening since. Day and night….The anointing is there for sure!

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