2 Kings 12-13, 2 Chronicles 24: Where is Your Treasure?

King Joash of Judah followed after the Lord. He sought to make repairs to God’s temple and put together a building fund and a building team consisting of the temple priests, whom you would expect to take on such a task with delight. However, they rebelled against the wishes of Joash and held the money for themselves. In 2 Kings 12:7 and 8, the interchange between Joash and the priests is very odd, It says:

Therefore King Jehoash (Joash) summoned Jehoiada the priest and the other priests and said to them, “Why are you not repairing the house? Now therefore take no more money from your donors, but hand it over for the repair of the house.” So the priests agreed that they should take no more money from the people, and that they should not repair the house.

This is just blatant disobedience. He told them one thing SO they did something else. And what is even stranger about the exchange is that the priests did stop receiving money, they just didn’t begin repairs. So I guess the question is: What was their problem? What did they gain from not doing the repairs?

The answer, I think, is this: The priests valued their time and their leisure more than their God, or more precisely, their time and leisure were their gods. Being an inherently lazy person, I understand this attitude all to well, and it is a subtly destructive attitude. We must guard against the thought that we can love anything more than God. We may feel as though we are not hurting anyone with our love of leisure and comfort and ease, but we are of no use to the Kingdom of God if we live that way. Let us be useful to the Lord and strive for His glory in our lives. THis is the Good work that God has saved us to do, live our lives in such a way as to communicate to everyone that Christ is worth treasuring above all things. And He is.

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