2 Kings 9-11: A Great Place for an Outhouse

It’s no secret that the kings of Israel were pretty much worthless. THere is really only one standout, and he is simply the better of many evils. His name was Jehu, and though he did not walk with the Lord as David or any of the good kings of Judah did, he was instrumental in ridding the land of the evil that Ahab had brought.

After Jehu was anointed king, he began his regin by destroying the house of Ahab, as the Lord had commanded, he then turned his attention toward the prophets of Baal, tricking them into gathering for a sacrifice, when he really meant to kill them and destroy their house of worship. Here’s what happened next:

Now Jehu had stationed eighty men outside and said, “The man who allows any of those whom I give into your hands to escape shall forfeit his life.” 25 So as soon as he had made an end of offering the burnt offering, Jehu said to the guard and to the officers, “Go in and strike them down; let not a man escape.” So when they put them to the sword, the guard and the officers cast them out and went into the inner room of the house of Baal, 26 and they brought out the pillar that was in the house of Baal and burned it. 27 And they demolished the pillar of Baal, and demolished the house of Baal, and made it a latrine to this day.

This is the ultimate insult, build a bathroom on top of where people used to worship. Nothing could be more demeaning. I can’t get more in depth without using offensive language, so I’ll simply say that, at the hands of Jehu, God “dumped” some serious judgement onto the worshipers of Baal. This is a serious reminder that nothing in the universe is worthy of worship outside of God Himself. So draw near to Him, do not be swayed by the gods of this world. He will satisfy us with His steadfast love. All other gods will utterly fail, good only for the outhouse.

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