2 Chronicles 10-12: Trusting in Your Own Strength

Rehoboam is known as one of the evil kings of Judah, however, his reign does not begin that way (except for the incident of unwise counsel). We find in 2 Chronicles 11 that Rehoboam establishes a kingdom that walks in the ways of David and Solomon… for the first three years at least. As he is building the Kingdom, he walks with the Lord, and the nation follows suit.

But there is a turning point at the beginning of chapter 12 that should cause us to tremble:

When the rule of Rehoboam was established aand he was strong, he abandoned the law of the Lord, and all Israel with him.

Isn’t this just like us? When we feel weak, we turn to God for help, seeking His counsel in the Word and in prayer, but when we are established and our lives are moving smoothly, how easily we fall away! Let us not become complacent and forget that in times of plenty and times of famine the Lord is always our Sustaining King. We too often become blinded by our own wealth, our own strength, and our wisdom, but God is the giver of all those things. If you are strong, God has made it so. If you are wealthy, God has given you riches. If you are wise, God has provided your intellect.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your strength is sufficient. It’s not. We are created and sustained by the grace of God alone. If we turn from Him, our strength will fail. You see, as soon as Rehoboam and the people turned from the Lord, God sent Egypt in to plunder them, taking all the wealth that Solomon had built. So it will be with us. Therefore let us continue in faith, and trust that God will sustain us through times of much and times of little. Let us learn to say with Paul that the only way we can do anything is through Christ who strengthens us.

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