1 Kings 10-11, 2 Chronicles 9: Falling From Grace

It’s no secret that king Solomon was not only rich in wisdom, but in wealth as well. Just to give you one example fro Scripture, he received each year around 666 talents of gold. If you check the footnote in your Bible, you’ll find that a talent is around 75 pounds! That’s more than 49,000 pounds of gold, each year! I’m pretty sure he had the 64 gig, 3G iPad. His encounter with the Queen of Sheba is telling. 1 Kings 10:5 says that when she saw all his house and experienced his wisdom, “there was no breath in her.” His wealth and wisdom left her breathless.

But Solomon’s story does not end there. It ends with God removing the nation from his son because of his love of foreign women that led to his pursuit of idols.

Solomon’s story is a sad one. There is no one in history who had more power or wisdom or wealth, yet none of those things could keep him from falling away from God. This should be a sobering reminder to us. We are not as rich as Solomon was. We are not as powerful as he was. We are not as wise as he was. His personal power was so great, yet he was weak. We are weak as well. We have to remember that. There is nothing we can do to keep ourselves from falling away from God except that we cling to the cross. Without Christ, we are capable of any failure, any sin, and we need to remember this daily. Solomon lost sight of his first love underneath the weight of all his wealth, but we must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, then we can say with Paul that we have learned to live with much or little, and we can (only) do all of it through Jesus Christ who gives and is our strength.

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