Proverbs 10-12: The Memory of the Righteous

Proverbs 10:7 says this:

The memory of the righteous is a blessing,
but the name of the wicked will rot.

Isn’t that true? Consider the way that you think about people you know, especially those who have passed away. What sort of emotions and thoughts well up in you when you remember someone who just exuded godliness? I feel the blessing that Solomon is writing about here.

There’s a man named Art Schnable who just passed away a few weeks ago. He was perhaps the godliest man that I have ever known. His speech, his actions, his relationships, and his passions all exhibited a grace that I don’t think I’ve seen elsewhere. If there’s a man who’s name brings to mind blessed memories, it’s Art.

But what about the wicked? What does it mean for your name to rot? Well, in the extreme, you have Hitler and Saddam Hussein. These are men who’s very names inspire hatred in people’s hearts. Their names are rotten. But extreme evil is not the only kind. There are subtler, more deceptive evils in the hearts of every person, such that all are names are in danger of rotting away.

Our only hope is to turn to Christ, who’s name brings eternal blessings to those who look to Him. He is righteous and does what is righteous, and He is drawing a people to Himself who are righteous because of Him. These people who follow after the very heart of God in Christ are a blessing to all, in life and in death. And we can be numbered among those if we remember the one who is truly righteous and trust that He will keep our names in His holy book, that they might not rot away.

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