Proverbs 7-9: Avoid Loud Women

Folly and Lust are both personified as loud women. They are seductive, bold, and blatant in their attempts to lure people into their traps.Here is Proverbs 7:10-12 and 9:13-18:

10 And behold, the woman meets him,
dressed as a prostitute, wily of heart.
11 She is loud and wayward;
her feet do not stay at home;
12 now in the street, now in the market,
and at every corner she lies in wait.

13 The woman Folly is uloud;
she is seductive and knows nothing.
14 She sits at the door of her house;
she takes a seat on the highest places of the town,
15 calling to those who pass by,
who are going straight on their way,
16 “Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!”
And to him who lacks sense she says,
17 “Stolen water is sweet,
and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.”
18 But he does not know that the dead are there,
that her guests are in the depths of Sheol.

Solomon does not simply warn us of these women, He tells us how to avoid them. At the beginning of chapter 7 he says:

1 My son, keep my words
and htreasure up my commandments with you;
2 keep my commandments and live;
keep my teaching as the apple of your eye;
3 bind them on your fingers;
write them on the tablet of your heart.
4 Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,”
and call insight your intimate friend,
5 to keep you from the forbidden woman,
from the adulteress with her smooth words.

“Make wisdom your closest friend” he says. God’s desire for us is to seek His wisdom, for His wisdom is perfect and sufficient to protect us from the lusts of the flesh and the folly of… well… folly. Let us lean on the wisdom and understanding of God. He will sustain us and protect us from straying if we draw near to Him through Christ.

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