Gospel Empowered Parenting

Bill Farley, author of Gospel Powered Parenting has graciously joined us at Wellspring Church this weekend to lead a two day conference on the importance of the Gospel in our parenting.

The first session was a rehearsal of the Gospel, which is the norm for a Reformed conference. But what was so helpful about this session was the framework from which Bill presented the great truths of the Gospel and how we can apply them to parenting.

He presented the 9 big points of the Gospel, from Election to the New Creation, and briefly unpacked each step.

Here are the nine points and how they apply to parenting:

1. Election – God’s gracious choice to save hopeless sinners out of His steadfast love and mercy alone. Election keeps us from the temptation to place the weight of our children’s salvation on our shoulders. God’s sovereign grace frees us to model the gospel for our kids without the burden of their souls laid on us.

2. The Incarnation – the good news that Christ humbled himself even unto death for our sake. We must teach our children that self-exaltation is not of God. We must follow the example of Christ, humbling ourselves, which is the only way to true exaltation.

3. Imputed Righteousness – Jesus died so that we might gain His righteousness. This sweet doctrine reminds us that we cannot parent under our own power. We need to rest in the grace of God and rely on His righteousness to train our kids in the way of the Lord.

4. Substitutionary atonement – Jesus died with the weight of our sin and God’s hatred for sin on His shoulders. God hates sin, yet we often overlook it in our own lives. We must hate sin as God does and teach our children to hate sin.

5. The Resurrection – the truth that Jesus not only died for our sins but rose again for our justification. The resurrection reminds us that our children don’t need good works, they need new birth. We must parent in view of that need and teach everything through the lens of the gospel.

6. The Ascension – Jesus not only rose again, but returned to the Father’s side and now intercedes for us. This intercession ensures that any parenting issue that comes our way is ordained by God and is within his power to overcome when we rely on Him.

7. Pentecost – The Holy Spirit has come to dwell in us and convince us of the truth of the Gospel. This reminds us that our kids need not only knowledge of God, but the power of the Holy Spirit to produce real change in them. We must diligently pray for the Spirit’s power to change the hearts of our children.

8. The Return – Jesus is coming to judge the world. Parenting in light of the gospel prepares our children for this day. We must parent in light of this day.

9. The New Creation – Our ultimate hope is that all the blessings of the gospel will come to fruition when we see Christ face to face. We will be with Him forever, and all that we treasure on earth will fade away. We must teach our children to long for this day. We must long for this day.

More to come tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Gospel Empowered Parenting

  1. Victory says:

    thanks so much for taking thorough notes! I couldn’t keep up so will copy and paste, if you don’t mind… 😉

  2. Chris says:

    Sure! Glad to help. I’ll post something from tomorrow morning’s session as well.

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