1 Chronicles 1-2: God’s Sovereign Choice

If you are unfamiliar with 1 and 2 Chronicles, it is best to think of them as appendices to Samuel and Kings. Chronicles follows the same storyline as Samuel and Kings, but tells it from a different angle, highlighting certain things that were not prominently featured in the other historical books.

In the case of today’s reading, 1 Chronicles 1-2 recount the genealogy of David from Adam. This is not a necessarily a complete genealogy, rather, it is a theological and poetic rendering of the full genealogy.

Wading through this sort of passage can be exhausting, especially if you are given to reading out loud, some of those names are pretty out there. It is especially difficult to find applicable information to aid you in growing in faith. But there is one thing I want to point out. We know that Jesus comes from David’s line, and subsequently, from Judah as well. But what always gets me is that God doesn’t ever go through the firstborn son to get to David. Isaac is the second son of Abraham, Jacob is second of Isaac, Judah is fourth of Jacob, and David himself is last among his brothers.

Now, this is not something that resonates with us today, but being the firstborn son was a place of significant blessing. They were afforded a double portion of their father’s inheritance and they were the ones expected to lead the family when the patriarch passed on. But God doesn’t seem to care. In fact, He seems to prefer to use those who have been born into the lesser place. God is not concerned about people’s prominence or stature. He is not in need of great heroic men. He does not show favoritism. God uses the weak, the lesser, the people of low stature to bring about His good and mighty purposes so that anyone who sees what He has accomplished in us will be sure to direct their praise to the one who is truly worthy.

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