2 Samuel 1-4: Do Kill the Messenger

In the first verses of 2 Samuel, David learns that Saul and his sons have died. A young Amalekite man who escaped the battle found David and told him the bad news. He also told David that he was the one who killed Saul. Apparently, Saul was laying on his sword when this man walked by and Saul asked him to finish the job. He did, and brought the royal crown to David at Saul’s request.

Now, if you’ve seen movies like The Last Samurai or Gladiator you are accustomed to this sort of thing, a dying soldier asks a comrade to kill him quickly so that he might not suffer long. This is a romantic notion, and apparently not one to which the new king David ascribes. Upon hearing that this man is responsible for Saul’s death, David has him executed, saying:

“Your blood be on your head, for your own mouth has testified against you, saying, ‘I have killed othe Lord’s anointed.’”

David’s vision for God’s design is bigger than we can imagine. He is absolutely convinced that God’s ways are truly perfect. Saul, in David’s eyes was not to be harmed, and anyone who did harm him was attacking the very will of God. The question that I am confronted with in this passage is this:

How committed am I to God’s will? Am I so convinced that God’s plan’s are perfect that I would go to any length to defend those plans? Many times, the answer is no. Most times I am more concerned about my own plans and my own will. But I am so small, and my will is so weak. I pray that God would make me more like David in this regard, committed to the glory of God above all else.

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