1 Samuel 9-12: God is King

This passage in 1 Samuel marks the beginning of Saul’s reign as king over Israel, and things begin pretty well. He is the most handsome and imposing figure among the Israelites, and he seems to have the qualities to back it up.

But God is not so pleased. In fact, God did not desire for Israel to have a king at all. You see, for Israel, appointing a king was a way to identify with the nations around them. THey had previously only had judges to rule over them, but the surrounding peoples all had kings. So the people complain to Samuel and demand a king. That king, was Saul.

The issues here is that God’s design was not for a monarchy in Israel. He is King, and to place someone else in that position is to place them above God.

In many ways, this is what we do now. We place things in our life to act as kings, but in reality, they are idols. We put family first, or we worship our friendship, we become addicted to drugs, or entertainment or whatever. The point is that God is king, and no matter how good things might look when we put someone, or something, else on that throne, it is ultimately displeasing to God.

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes. (Psalm 118:9) He is our Rock, He is our Shelter, and He is our King. May we never seek to place anyone else on His throne.

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