There are few books in Scripture that are closer to my heart than Ruth. It is a story filled with drama, romance, suspense, and scandal, and at its heart is the story of God redeeming His people who were once far off. The heart of the story is the gospel itself. Ruth is a foreigner, a moabite woman, a woman with whom no Israelite man was to go near, but God saw fit to bring her into the midst of His covenant people. He uses Boaz, a man of great esteem among the people of Judah, to redeem her life by taking her as his wife after her husband died. And, having remarried, she gives birth to a son who is grandfather to King David himself. A foreign widow becomes a direct ancestor of the Lord Jesus Himself.

This is the short version obviously.

The truth is that I couldn’t pick just one thing to say about Ruth without writing for days. Instead, I would like to commend a book to you that is far more eloquent and illuminating than anything I could hope to write. It’s called, A Sweet And Bitter Providence, and it is written by John Piper. It is a masterful handling of this beautiful story, and it is an easy read (which is saying something if you have tried to read Piper before.)

You can read it online free here.

Or purchase a physical copy here.

Dr. Piper also wrote a poetic interpretation of the story which is available to read online here, or purchase here.

And don’t forget to check out the trailer for the book.

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