Judges 8-9: Reckless Remembrance

There is a sad note to the end of Gideon’s story. After defeating the men of Succoth, Gideon crafts a golden ephod and sets it in his house (an ephod is an undergarment). Soon, this golden altar of remembrance to God becomes like a god to the people of Israel and they begin to worship it rather than the One it represents.

It seems silly that a group of adults would worship golden underpants, but how far is it from what we do? We worship celebrity and celebrities, family and relationships, money and success, sex and romance, but none of them can satisfy.

This is what Paul warns the Romans in chapter 1. We mist never serve the creature above the Creator. And let us never turn something that points to God into a god itself. When we see everything as a beacon directing us to the true and living God, the center of our worship is never shaken. Christ alone becomes our hearts desire, and He alone is worthy.

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