Numbers 18-20: God Provides For His Servants

In Numbers 18, God declares that the Levites will not receive an inheritance in the land. Instead, He says that He will be their portion:

And the LORD said to Aaron, “You shall have no inheritance in their land, neither shall you have any portion among them. I am your portion and your inheritance among the people of Israel.
(Numbers 18:20 ESV)

The Lord continues and explains what He means in verse 21:

“To the Levites I have given every tithe in Israel for an inheritance, in return for their service that they do, their service in the tent of meeting,
(Numbers 18:21 ESV)

So the Levites receive the tithes from the people of Israel as their inheritance. That which was dedicated to God is given to His servants. The tenth that each of the other eleven tribes give is used as the portion for the Levites. This means that they receive a tenth MORE than the rest of the people.

11 x 10= 110

This can be easily misunderstood in many ways, but what I see it pointing to is the fact that God provides abundantly to those who devote their lives to serving Him. Remember that as we consider how to apply Old Testament stories to our lives today, we must look at them with an eternal perspective.

So we cannot assume that this means we will always have more than enough physical provisions. In fact, there is good scriptural evidence that those who follow Christ are more likely to go without. But we can be sure that God’s abundant blessings to Christians are what Paul spoke of in Ephesians 1, that God has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. HE has adopted us, predestined us, chosen us, called us, redeemed us, justified us, sanctified us, and glorified us in Christ.

Let us rejoice in the glorious way that God provides.

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One Response to Numbers 18-20: God Provides For His Servants

  1. AMEN, and amen Chris! What a great reminder! Thank you.

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