Leviticus 1-4: Once for All

There are few books of the Bible that can be more difficult to read than Leviticus. It is full of ancient practices, sacrifices, and nearly endless “dos” and “don’ts”. The reality is though, that there are few books in the Old Testament with as many clear allusions to the work of Christ. He can be seen on every page, and one does not have to look very hard to find Him.

Today, I noticed something that I have never seen before. Chapter 4 recounts the proper procedure for a sin offering, an offering done to cover unintentional sins. What struck me is that the requirement for one man’s sin, namely the sacrifice of a bull without blemish, is the same as the requirement for the sins of the whole nation. Whether one or one million, the price is the same, one perfect bull.

This is a picture of the reality of the death of our Lord Jesus. who died for our sins individually and for the sins of the world, for all who come to Him by faith. Just think about the beauty of this picture. Christ’s death is sufficient to pay for the sins of the individual and the world. “Once for all” is the phrase that the New Testament uses. He died once, and it was enough to wash away every hidden thought, every evil deed, and every harsh word that is stained with sin. And even as we keep sinning, His sacrifice still stands. There is no end to the sufficiency and power of His perfect sacrifice. And through Him, we can have peace with God for Christ Himself is our peace.

Let us rest in that today.

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