Exodus 25-27: Serious Stuff

Have you ever thought about the way that you approach God?

I remember a long time ago hearing someone say that often times, we come before God based on the way that we feel rather than how He requires. We view God through the lens of our own understanding and project onto Him the best version of ourselves that we can imagine. In short, we make God like us, and we come to Him on our own terms.

This is not the way of the Bible. Exodus 25-27 gives us insight into how God desires us to approach Him. If you read it, you will find instructions on building the tabernacle (tent of meeting) that are so detailed, you could reconstruct it if you had the right tools. The detail with which God describes the plans for the tabernacle points us to something greater than a building or a tent. It points us to the fact that God is serious about the way that we worship Him.

If He were not concerned about the way the people perceived Him, or the way in which people came before Him, He would not have gone into such detail regarding the tabernacle. He would have said, “look, just build something nice ok. I don’t really care.” But He does care. He cares deeply.

God is so concerned about how we see and approach Him that He provided one way to see Him and know Him, Jesus Christ. He is the way that leads us to God. He is the truth of God in human form. He is the life that we must emulate, and the life that we receive by grace through faith. In spelling out exactly what He expected the tabernacle to look like, God gave His people a taste of how things would work for eternity.

I pray that I would take my worship of God as seriously as He does, that my life might honor Him and bring glory to His name.

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