Exodus 16-18: Good Advice

Well, I had a whole blog typed out this morning (or yesterday morning, technically) but technology failed me once again and I lost it. So here I am writing about yesterday’s reading.

What is so encouraging for me every time I read this passage is that Moses didn’t know how to delegate. Jethro has to step in and help him set up a chain of command so that he can focus on the most important things and leave the small matters in the capable hands of other gifted me.

This is encouraging because I am terrible at delegating. I tend to do everything myself because doing is easier than teaching. But delegating is one of the best ways to server others. When you let go of something so that someone else grab hold of it, you build them up greatly. They are now empowered to serve within their gifting and you are now freed to spend more time and energy on what you do best.

It’s very encouraging to hear the Bible speak to such a seemingly minor issue. What a great reminder that Christ is our God over the big and the small. He cares deeply about the small stuff in our lives because he cares deeply about our lives. Christ is King over our whole life and we can rest in His perfect care for us.

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