Genesis 35-37: Humbled to be exalted

There are many ways in which the story of Joseph in the Old Testament points to the Christ. Over the next few days, I hope to highlight some of them. But if you were to simply take Joseph as he appears in Genesis 37, you would not find much redeeming about him, let alone anything that resembles Christ.

Joseph is the spoiled favorite son of the now wealthy Jacob. He has dreams about his family bowing down to him, tells them those dreams, and struts around in his coat of many colors. But God, being rich in mercy, plans for him to get throw into a well and sold into slavery by his very own brothers, so that when the time is right, he can become the great savior of his people, and the Christlike figure that we can learn from today.

In my reading today, I have been thinking about how even in being sold into slavery, Joseph’s story points to Jesus. Just read these two sentences:

Joseph, son of Jacob is loved and adored by his father and shown favoritism as if he were the first born, but God humbled him to the point that he became a slave, the lowest of the low, in order that he may be exalted to become the savior of his people.

Jesus, Son of God is loved and adored by the Father and is truly the firstborn of all creation, but God crushed Him to the point the he died as one who is the lowest of the low, in order that He would be exalted to become the Savior of God’s people.

What a gracious God we have to point us to His glorious Gospel even in the most unlikely of people in the Old Testament. Scripture is saturated with Christ, and you don’t need to go far in order to see Him shining through, even from the darkest places.

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