Genesis 30-31: Not Off To A Great Start

As I was reading today I was amazed at the way the God works things together for His glory. Genesis chapter 30 is the account of the birth of Jacob’s sons who will eventually become the heads of the 12 tribes of Israel. This should be an encouraging thing to read. You see names like Judah, Levi, and Joseph and images of great kings and priests come into view. But the beginning of the nation of Israel is not the most encouraging origin story. It is filled with the jealous rivalry of two sisters sharing one husband. It is a story of covetousness, strife, and betrayal within a family. It is a reminder of God’s most amazing grace toward us.

This is the nation into which Jesus was born, a son of Jacob of the tribe of Judah. God took this feuding, jealous family and used them to bring about the birth of the very Son of God. He used the imperfect to bring about the perfect. What an amazing miracle!

And He is still doing this today. We are just as broken and sinful, yet He delights to allow us to participate in His Sovereign plan of redemption. God turns all of our mess, all of our failure, all of our faults into something glorious. He turns ashes into beauty and what is broken, He makes whole. We serve a great God who moves in ways that are most mysterious, and we await the day when He restores everything to perfection.

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