Job 40-42: Job’s Redemption and Ours

Everybody loves a happy ending, and there are few happier than Job’s. It’s satisfying to watch someone who has been constantly beaten down and wrongfully accused end up on top. Job friends are rebuked, he gets new kids, new stuff, more stuff and lives a long a full life. It just makes you feel good. Doesn’t it?

What we have to remember about this story though is that this does not always happen to the righteous. sometimes they are killed. Sometimes they get cancer and die. Sometimes they lose their whole family and spend their days alone. But the story of Job offers hope even for these, because, like the rest of the story, it has an eternal purpose. The ending verses of Job are a picture of what will happen to the righteous forever. And, in fact, it is a pretty dim picture. When a Christian dies and goes to be with the Lord, their greatest joys and deepest tragedies on earth will be like nothing when compared to the glorious splendor of eternity with Christ.

We are waiting for that day. When we will receive our reward from our heavenly Father. A reward that is based not on our own works, but on the works of Christ. A reward that will make every fleeting joy and pain in this life a distant memory. A reward that is not a crown of gold or a heavenly house, but Christ Himself, the perfect spotless Lamb who by His blood has bought us and brought us into the household of God for all eternity.

When with the ransomed in glory
His face I at last shall see
T’will be my joy through the ages
To sing of His love for me

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