Daily Devotions: Genesis 1-3

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I have decided to try something new this year for the blog. I am starting a chronological reading plan and I thought it might be helpful for me, and you, my faithful few readers, to post my thoughts on my reading for each day. Yes, this means I will be posting EVERY day. In many ways, I am doing this to ensure that I am journalling for the purpose of meditation, a discipline which I have not been very successful at cultivating thus far. My hope is that the increased accountability of publishing my thoughts in this way will help me maintain this practice.

I am anticipating a fruitful year through the Bible and I hope that you join with me as I journey through the Scriptures.

With that, I move to todays reading.

Any chronological reading begins at the beginning, so it’s fitting that the first words of Genesis 1 are what I have been pondering in my time in the word today.

“In the beginning, GOD…”

Before there was time, before there was space, before there was nothing, there was God. The totality of existence was summed up in Him. It’s not as though there was God and then nothing; there was simply God. I have always had this picture in my head of God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit hanging out together in some sort of space vacuum before they created everything else, but this image betrays the text. In the beginning God was literally everywhere, and everywhere was God. There was no space that was not God. There was no place in which He lived. There was God: Father, Son (existing as the Word), and Spirit.

This reality makes the next verses so powerful. He “created the heavens and the earth.” For the first time in eternity, something other than God existed! Whatever you believe about creation, 6 day, Gap theory, creative evolution, whatever; this reality is most striking to me about Genesis 1. God, who did not lack anything, who was eternally self-sufficient, decided to create. It’s as though He could not help it. And in fact, He couldn’t. His nature is creative and selfless, therefore He must create. This was the point of creation. God was not lonely. He was not bored. He was perfectly content and filled with personal enjoyment, so much so that He had to share this delight with something other than Himself. And in His infinite wisdom and grace, He created us! And not just us, but the whole host of creation that we might see “His eternal power and divine nature” (Romans 1:20) in everything that He has made.

The rest of the story in Genesis 1-3 is all too familiar. We are deceived by a serpent, caught up in our own pride and reject the beautiful gift that God gave us. But there is hope in these verses. One will come to restore what was broken. Verse 15 of chapter 3 says that there will be one who is born of woman who will come as the enemy of the Serpent, and though He will be wounded, He will crush the serpent and restore the created order to it’s intended glory.

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4 Responses to Daily Devotions: Genesis 1-3

  1. Victory says:

    I am praying for you in your role in discipling my sons over the next six months. I am thankful that God providential brought you to Wellspring at such a key time in their lives. The timing part is pretty amazing.
    Each of them also chose a Bible reading plan and will hopefully stick to it. S is doing the NT in six months and G chose a chronological plan – perhaps the same one you are doing.
    I hope the Bible reading also serves to build you up and encourage you as you lead your family and assist Sam with pastoring the church.
    Thanks for your willingness to serve and lay down your live for the brethren.
    God bless you with his grace and wisdom,

    • Chris says:

      Thanks Vicki,

      I am humbled by your encouragement, and the opportunity to disciple your boys. Thank you so much for your prayers, they are definitely needed.

  2. Susie Kim says:

    So great to see that you have decided to go with our HG’s
    reading schedule! 🙂

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, I actually just finished the same one in 2010 and was going to start a different one, but I submitted to the will of my homegroup leaders!

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