True Stewardship

Here is a quote from Richard Baxter in “The Reformed Pastor” speaking to the way in which pastors should view their finances. It surely applies to all others as well:

Stretch your purse to the utmost, and do all the good you can. Think not of being rich; seek not great things for yourselves or your posterity. What if you do impoverish yourselves to do a greater good; will this be loss or gain?If you believe that God is the safest purse-bearer, and that to expand in His service is the greatest usury, show (all) that you do believe it

The middle sentence is where we should live. So what if we make ourselves poor in order to further the kingdom, is that not a better use of our funds? Christians, we should take this call seriously. If we believe that God handles money better than any other, then we should live like it.

Oh, that our lives would reflect this attitude. I pray that mine will, and will more greatly as I grow.

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