The Sovereignty of God is like…

…a father who is teaching his young daughter to write. He gently takes her hand and places the pencil in it. She holds on tight. He rests his hand on hers and sets the tip of the pencil against the paper. The hands of both father and daughter begin to move, slowly and purposefully making line after line until a name appears, her name, Lilly.

Lilly concentrates. She knows that her daddy is helping her so tenderly and she does her best to make him proud. The father sees her stern face focusing on paper and pencil, intent on getting things just so, and he encourages her to continue, all the while holding her little hand in his. She works hard to write well while her hand moves within her father’s, but without his help she would revert to the scribbles that have marked so many pages before. He makes her writing come alive and she tries with all her might to follow as he moves her hand across the page.

This analogy can only take us so far. Eventually, Lilly will begin to write her name on her own, she will go on to write tens of thousands more words in her lifetime. Not so with us and God. As we grow, and life becomes more complicated, his hand stays, always guiding gently, moving along the path that he has laid out for us. We can fight; His grace can be resisted if He allows. But why would you resist. Why, when so gently and strong a hand is guiding your every step that you may not stumble even in the deepest, darkest valley, would you seek to break free and wander off, scribbling all over the page in an attempt to keep control. In the same way that Lilly could not write without the hand of her father, we cannot live without ours. We are dead, but God breathes life into us through the power of his resurrected Son, Jesus Christ. He convicts us of our unbelief and trades our dead heart for one that is alive and full of life, His life living in us.

This is our sovereign God. Let’s rejoice in His gentle leading.

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